Defense Mechanisms in Handwriting

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Defense Mechanisms in Handwriting

A handwriting however is not only a portrait but also an ex-ray of the personality.   Handwriting not only shows arrestment in developmental phases caused by typical traumatic disturbances, but also the way in which these disturbances were compensated for.  These defenses, known to us,  go partially beyond the classical forms of defense but are not recognized in the proper methods.  Up to now graphological literature has not taken notice of those forms of defenses.  One is still busy with singular signs without the understanding of a deeper connection. As an exception this file contains information from a seminar on the subject of defense mechanisms in Spokane,  July 1984.

Alldefehse mechanisms are intended to bind fear and often serve as a protective function.
Many people fear their own urges because they do not have sufficient control over them,  or these urges were termed in childhood as something "bad" and therefore prohibited. Conseguently we usually live only one side of our personality, while the other side is avoided.  In dreams we often would like other persons do things we wanted to do ourselves, however the "other person" is us, even if in the dream we can change the other persons sex.

Information given by competent experts illuminate various aspects of this problem on defense mechanisms.