Somatic Graphology

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Somatic Graphology

SOMATIC GRAPHOLOGY - Collector's item (Printed in 1963)

'Psychosomatic" is a term used to indicate inseparable mind-body relationships.

Psychosomatic Graphology stresses the close relationship between mind and tody.

Though Somatic Graphology one can identify the size, shape and movement of the human body.

FraGirolamo Moretti, who passed away in August 1963 after devoting 53 of his 83 years to handwriting analysis research, developed, as result of his method which involved extensive experimenting, comparing, analyzing and deducing, what might be termed intuition about handwriting. That is to say, from a person's writing he could literally place himself in the writer's mind and body and so grasp his physical appearance, gestures, attitude, etc. He discovered the universal element   in handwriting which permits the individual to be identified somatically and psychically.

Somatic Graphology interweaves psychology, mathematics, hygiene, anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology and optical physics.