The Graphological Character Diagram

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The Graphological Character Diagram

This text book introduces a method which establishes essential character trends from handwriting for the development of the outline of a personality.  It is similar to the outline developed for psychological testing. For many practical purposes such a profile is sufficient, since it includes the qualities which are necessary for the assessment, the guidance or the employment of an individual.  To establish this profile, twelve character attributes have been selected which are aspects of the mentality and these attributes will be fully explained in this text.

Certainty in the understanding of graphological elements of a script depends on the continued practice of graphological observation. Certainty in interpretation demands mastery of human insight.  In other words, the graphologist must experience the dynamic and the static character of the form of "life" in a script. Our method forces even the experienced practitioner to study faithfully, again and again, each and every criteria of the" script. The proper use of this method secures for the graphologist a reliable analysis.

This text contains a condensed version of tables to be found in other graphological literature. For the advanced student this text has much to offer. By following the text in the order of its arrangement it will become clear to the advanced student, that handwriting criteria appear in various mutual relationships. He will see that these criteria form groups, proving that they belong together, although they are not always found together. It will become obvious to him that when movement, form picture and space arrangement oppose each other, we have irregularities and that these irregularities are important in the recognition of disturbances and crises in the personality picture produced by the original handwriting.

No character attribute, no criteria stands alone. Each receives its meaning, its value and its weight of importance from the collective value of the segments of the living structure, depicted in the frozen, expressive movement, - the script.