The Quick Analysis Guide - Volume 1 and 2

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The Quick Analysis Guide - Volume 1 and 2

Teaches Rapid handwriting analysis techniques.

Very helpful for both students and professionals

These books will teach you how to analyze quickly and accurately while also providing additional knowledge and reinforcement of handwritinanalysis techniques.

These rare books teaches you how to observe many elements of the writing almost simultaneously. Instead of picking at a fixed sign here and there, you can now readily assess spacing, speed, size, slant, letter forms, connectives, and pressure as part of a continuum of each personality. Instead of finding traits that are diametrically opposite and conflicting, you acknowledge that writers use each aspect of their inner and outer behaviors to make themselves complete.

You will become skilled at recognizing the holistic and atomistic components of the writing. You can evaluate the meaning of these characteristics. You have the necessary knowledge of human psychology to interpret the effect of these characteristics on the behavior of your client. Finally, you can articulate your findings - orally or in written form - so as to be understood. These books on the quick analysis train you in each step.

In Volume One, we use a three-part method to introduce you to this technique. The quick analysis told you what you should see, the evaluation told you what you could say, and the breakdown gave you some insights on what it all can mean.
As you glance at the writing, you will see the components in a flash, break them down as part of the writer's personality, and evaluate your findings. Even the description of your evaluation will be spread over the moments or minutes you take to do your quick analysis.
Only when you are reasonably sure of your subject will you open your mouth to speak or put pen to paper. With the handwriting sample before you as a guide and reminder, you simply set down your findings in the best order. This will be a quick summation of the overall personality followed by the specifics that set your client apart from all others. The quick summation will be repeated throughout your report, although sometimes in different words, because this is the motivating force of your client's personality.

In Volume Two, you will learn a more natural way of looking at the writing and describing the personality while evaluating and cross-checking. We also are introducing a unique training technique. To stimulate your own thinking, you will be provided with the handwriting sample and asked a series of questions that you should have no trouble answering. The questions revolve about what you should be seeing and saying as well as what it all means.