Graphology is the study of how an individual’s handwriting indicates their character traits. This is based on the psychological concept of ‘deviance’. The way we learn to write in school is standard. School teachers teach their students to write in a uniform way. Nevertheless, we usually choose to ‘deviate’ from how the teacher taught us. This is why every individual's handwriting reflects what is unique about them.

Over a decade ago many school systems, including ours, adopted D'Nealian Manuscript for writing instruction. Lower case letters are primarily rounded, written at normal speed and with average writing pressure.

Let's say someone who was taught this system, diverges. Instead of the round traditional way, now varies and writes angular in its place. Angles cut, like knives. This may indicate a hurtful trait. This writing is speedy. This usually impatient nature could specify a tendency toward quick temper, when considering the hurtful trait.

Additionally, the script is written with heavy pressure, which signifies getting very uptight and reacts to what they might see as criticism. The definitions of the sum of these components express aggressiveness.

Then, the astute graphologist looks if the writer repeats these nuances, i.e., is this a pattern? If there is a pattern, this is conclusive evidence that the trait of aggressiveness exists.

Requirements for a graphologist:

Although a background in psychology is an advantage, simply, the desire to know what makes people tick is helpful. If you are privileged with the wish to help others with your talent, you are blessed.

Learn Graphology Course

Your handwriting is unique like your fingerprints. Fingerprints identify your physical body. Handwriting reveals your whole personality – your mind, heart and soul. The LearnGraphology Course will teach you how to reveal personality traits through handwriting analysis. It is an art and a science, a branch of psychological studies.

When a person writes, it is his hand that does the writing, but his brain that does the dictating. There have been many cases of amputees who, having lost the hand or arm with which they wrote, relearned the art with either the other hand, or the feet, or the mouth. Aside from a certain understandable shakiness caused by the difficulties of the feat, the writings were extremely similar to the originals. Trained graphologists had no trouble recognizing the same individual. From this, we see that it is the personality that is expressed on paper by the handwriting. When a person writes in a given fashion, it represents a particular personality trait, which comes directly from the brain. As a child you were taught to write. Why don’t you continue to write the way you were taught? The fact that you don’t is the reason The Learn Graphology Course exists….